Kids have accidents, and some can be more accident-prone than others. Maybe they were playing sports and got hit in the face with a ball. They could have fallen down, and banged their mouths on the floor.  

What happens if they trip and chip or crack a tooth? How should you respond? Knowing how to respond to dental emergencies and when to see a pediatric dentist is vital to your child’s oral health.

Common children dental emergencies

Aside from toothaches, other common pediatric dental emergencies your children could experience include:

1. Knocked-Out Tooth

Do not discard the tooth. Try to find it, but do not rinse it off. Instead, put it in a zip-locking bag with some milk and bring it with you to the dentist. If the tooth can be put back into the socket within an hour, it is possible for it to be saved.

2. Broken, Chipped, or Cracked Tooth

Try to keep any pieces you can find and bring those with you to the dental clinic. If there is any bleeding, have your child bite down on a large piece of gauze. You can also apply a cold pack to the affected area to help with any pain or swelling until your child can see the dentist.

3. Food or Foreign Objects Stuck Between Teeth

Attempt to remove the food or object using a piece of dental floss. If you cannot remove it, take your child to see their pediatric dentist as soon as possible.

4. Loose Tooth

When baby teeth are loose, it usually means the permanent teeth are ready to come in. However, if a permanent tooth is partially loose, do not remove it. Instead, apply a cold compress to help with swelling and pain until your child can see their pediatric dentist.

5. Bleeding Tongue, Gums, Cheek, or Lip

Clean the wound with cool water, then place a large piece of gauze over the wound and apply light pressure to help stop the bleeding. If the wound is deep or the bleeding does not stop, bring your child in for emergency dental care.

6. Lost Filling

If a filling falls out, it is essential to have it refilled as soon as possible to avoid the tooth getting infected.

7. Damaged Braces

If your child’s braces are damaged in some manner, like the wire is broken or there are loose bands and brackets, they need to be repaired right away. The last thing you want is for your child to accidentally swallow a band or bracket and choke on it. Broken wires can tear into the cheek, tongue, or gums and cause them to bleed.

8. Broken Jaw Bone

If your child breaks their jaw, apply a cold compress to the location where it broke to control swelling. Bring your child in to see an emergency pediatric dentist to examine the jaw as soon as possible.

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