Dentists typically detect an increase in patients complaining of sensitive teeth during the colder months. Some dentists may even go so far as to simulate cold environments using cold blasts of air to evaluate how sensitive your teeth are to cold temperatures. 

However, there are other activities you may take to assist ease your sensitive teeth, in addition to adopting proper dental hygiene routines. Inquire with your dentist about any of the following treatments for tooth sensitivity.

1. Undergoing a Fluoride Treatment

Cavities can contribute to infections that cause tooth pain and sensitivity. A fluoride application is one of the most effective cavity-fighting medicines. A fluoride solution is immediately administered to your teeth and kept on for a few minutes. Fluoride can assist to enhance your overall tooth health, making bacteria buildup and infections less common. In addition to receiving fluoride treatment, it is critical to maintain appropriate hygienic practices.

2. Covering Root Surfaces

Inquire with your dentist about sealing up root surfaces to safeguard susceptible sections of your teeth, such as exposed dentin from receding gums. Protecting root surfaces and having dental sealants applied can help prevent rapid sensitivity following a cold blast of air.

3. Schedule a Root Canal Treatment

A root canal might be a useful treatment if you have ongoing tooth pain and sensitivity due to trauma, dental decay, or cavities. A root canal removes the nerve of the tooth, preventing pain and sensitivity. Because a tooth might become more prone to fracturing following a root canal, a crown is often inserted to help reinforce it.

Before resorting to dental procedures such as root canals, consider several toothache home remedies to relieve discomfort and potentially restore slight damage to your tooth’s protective enamel.

Speak With Your Dentist About Teeth Sensitivity

If you suffer from sensitive teeth during cold weather, speaking with your dentist can be the best way to determine why. Once you’ve narrowed down the cause of the tooth sensitivity, you can move forward with a plan of action to help reduce the sensitivity. 

At Midtown Smiles Dental care, our experienced team of dental hygienists, dentists, and specialists will help you narrow down why your teeth are sensitive to cold. Trust our team to develop a comprehensive oral health plan so that you can get back to enjoying life, no matter the weather.

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